Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ingenue..Innocence Meets High Fashion

I have a new favorite or two; it’s the pencil skirt and Sweetheart Darling from Betty Doyle’s Ingenue located in Mangakino. The slim, flattering skirt comes in 10 different colors and looks even looks good on those of us with a bit more junk in our trunks than the norm. Sweetheart Darling I purchased in black, but it comes in a total of 5 different colors and patterns. I fell in love with the jacket and couldn’t wait to find other things to wear it with.

Time for a bit of honesty here, I really didn’t think I would find much in Ingenue I’d like. I lean more towards “mainstream uptight” as a friend once put it. But I found several things I have enjoyed wearing, and that are very well made. The seams are matched up and the small details such as fabric folds, bust seams and hem seams add so much to the overall look of the outfit. The only minor flaw I could find in the two outfits I purchased is that the sleeves on Sweetheart Darling’s white shirt layer (did I mention she has everything on several different layers? Well she does!) Were a bit ragged on the edge. But this was only noticeable if you panned it for a very tight shot. I’m a bit picky if you haven’t figured out, and this was so minor that even I wasn’t bothered by it.

If you haven’t been to Ingenue stop by and pay her a visit I don’t think you’ll be sorry. Think outside the box a bit and it will amaze you the possibilities her outfits have.
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