Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lilleth Mills Couture's New Store

Starting today at 12:00 p.m. SLT, Lilleth Mills Couture will open it’s doors of it’s new Main Store located in Hawks Bytopia. Please come and join us, see the terrific new build as well as pick up the wonderful gifts and sale items.Cayon Classic, the new release from Lilleth Mills Couture will leave you pinning for more, it’s just that sexy! And during the next 24 hours it has been marked to sell at just 1L! A sexy red number that you’ll sashay into any room as if it’s a boudoir, making you feel naughty while still looking elegant and classically beautiful all at the same time.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the RED % signs to let you know what’s on sale.Also because we have had such a great response to “In The Raw” photo contest we are extending it by another week. We have been thrilled with the response and love seeing beautiful women AND men in Lilleth Mills Couture. Please don’t stop sending in those pictures I’d love to see some in Cayon Classic!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Several post back I shamefully admitted I was not a shoe whore, don’t get me wrong I can drool over shoes as much as the next girl, my closet floor is littered with Bruno Magli, Ralph Lauren and Kate Spade toss in a few pair’s of Ferragamo and you have a nice well rounded collection. BUT, while I think several are simply delicious I don’t dream about them at night. Jewelry on the other hand makes me melt (you dirty minded people who thought I was going to say something else, shame on you!) Diamonds, pearls, gold or platinum makes my world go around. My husband often comments that I must have been a raccoon in my previous life to be so utterly fascinated with anything shiny. Of course I ignore such sarcasm, it would be beneath me to rise to his bait, unless, that is, he used a yellow diamond for that hook.

While following a blog hint about a possible new “must see” jewelry store Jador, I was overjoyed to see that the information wasn’t wrong. Indeed the display items whispered in a softly accented voice wheedling their way into my heart and soon my inventory. Awestruck from the sparkling jewels I knew I had to see more, so being the inquisitive sort I followed a TP to the adjoining shoe store owned by the same designer, Anthony77777 Bandit.

I drooled, not a ladylike little trickle but a full blown OMG, I’m going to die happy, shirt drenching slobber! The jewel work on the shoes made my heart flutter, my pulse race and parts of me tingle that are generally reserved for chocolate and Eddie Vedder. Several styles dotted the display shelves from classic to flashy, all embedded with the wonderful stones that make the jewelry so eye-catching. For those of you who know me well will attest, I’m picky and for the most part if an item is flawed I can never open my heart to it. But once in a while I find something so different, unique and wonderful I have to overlook a few minor flaws. So in the spirit of full disclosure I have to mention one drawback to these wonderful shoes. The invisible prim has an issue on the heel, I’m sure with a bit of work Mr. Bandit can solve the problem, and it isn’t so large a distraction that I feel they aren’t still beautiful shoes, but again, I felt it should be noted.
Don't forget to check out all the surrounding shops, the furniture store has several items that will perk up any ho hum apartment or office.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lilleth Mills Couture Photo Contest

As some of you may, or may not know, I have recently taken a position at Lilleth Mills Couture. Since the LMC Blog has yet to be added to the feed I will from time to time post about contest or events pertaining to Lilleth Mills. I will save all information about new releases for the LMC blog, which can be found at:

Lilleth Mills Couture invites you to join in the Flickr fun this summer by joining our newly established Flickr group at: launch our latest endeavor we are opening up the Lilleth Mills Couture vaults to offer some wonderful prizes in our first ever Lilleth Mills Couture "In The Raw" contest.

Grand Prize: 2000L
Second Prize: 1000L
Third Prize: A Lilleth Mills Couture New Release

Rules are as follows; you must be wearing a Lilleth Mills Couture clothing item (no shapes or shoes only). The photos must be "raw" no post processing, we want to see you at your creative best. All photos must be submitted to SAINT BARRACUDA copy/mod/trans no later than 12PM PDT on July 26 2008. Only one entry per person. All photos will become property of Lilleth Mills Couture.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Impressione - Weekend of Beauty

Voshie Paine, a fellow FCC member and Second Life notable asked if I would be willing to post the following information on Fashion Predator. I, of course, answered with a resounding yes. As I read the press release I found myself thinking not of fashion but of dedication. The members of the Second Life society that bring us such wonderful events week after week spend a tremendous amount of time, energy and effort to keep us entertained and amused. Yes, in many cases companies or designers pay them but in most cases they do not. Yet, they still strive to turn out events that are well produced entertaining and as we have seen these past months with RFL beneficial. I hope I speak for all of us when I say “THANK YOU” to all those who work behind the glitter and glam to keep even the most jaded among us amused and entertained.

The following is a press release from JennyH GossipGirl, for more information please contact in-world JennyH GossipGirl or visit the website.

For Release: ImmediatePress Contact: JennyH GossipGirl,
Impressione Launches Weekend of Beauty Impressione Brings the Excitement of New York's Renowned Fashion Week Directly to You Through the Great Wonders of TechnologyJuly 11, 2008 . . . Impressione, a full service virtual worlds marketing agency, is proud to announce the launch of a brand-new event -- Weekend of Beauty (WoB). The Impressione Weekend of Beauty will coincide with the renowned New York Fashion Week. The WoB events begin on Friday, September 5th, 2008 and conclude on Sunday, September 7th. This 72-hour event will celebrate health and beauty in all its shapes and sizes throughout the ages and include a multitude of exciting events. For anyone who can't make it to New York in person, WoB is the next best thing! The Impressione Weekend of Beauty is a festival of life. The weekend's events of music, art, and fashion will display the amazing diversity that makes our world so rich and so special. It is all too easy to become trapped into preconceived notions of beauty, which threatens to harm the self-image, and can even result in dangerous, destructive, and extreme behaviors. An important mission of the Impressione Weekend of Beauty is to promote a healthy lifestyle and raise awareness of at-risk behaviors -- eating disorders in particular. Kiosks will be available throughout the event venues to provide sensitive and non-judgmental information concerning eating disorders. Whether ourselves, a loved one, or someone we know, we have all been touched by the struggle over food-diet-exercise-weight and its impact on self-image and even physical well-being. Impressione kicks off WoB festivities with the Natural Beauty competition, which will select one male and one female as the faces of Impressione Natural Beauty. The first-round runway shows will be held on August 9th and 10th. The contest ends during the Weekend of Beauty with a finale runway show featuring all contest finalists followed by an exclusive party with music provided by the top DJs and artists. The winners will receive over 25,000L in cash and other valuable prizes. Impressione recognizes that beauty comes in an amazing variety of shapes, colors, sizes and styles and seeks to celebrate and showcase this diversity through this competition. Contest entries are currently being accepted and additional details can be found on the Impressione website at with Fashion Week, the focus of the weekend will be the fashion shows. There are four fashion shows confirmed:Natural Beauty - finalists in the Natural Beauty competitionTimeless Beauty - a retrospective look at beauty across time and culturesActive Beauty - fashions fit for the active lifestyleContemporary Couture - the very best in contemporary high-fashionUnlike Fashion Week where you have to wait for months for the runway designs to actually be available, WoB will feature on-site vendors so that you can purchase the clothing you see on the spot. Several top designers will release never-before-seen designs during the event.In addition to the Natural Beauty by Impressione competition and headline fashion shows, WoB also includes a charity art auction and gala with one-of-a-kind creations by famed artists including Sysperia Poppy. For the contest lover, Contest Central is sponsoring both machinima and photo contests during the event. A multi-sim treasure hunt is sure to be fun and increase your inventory.As with any good fashion event, the shows fall only slightly above the parties in terms of importance on one's agenda! This weekend features a great music festival and some fabulous dance parties along with a formal charity gala to compliment the fashions and education that will be offered and showcased. Top artists and DJs will provide music from all genres and cultures for your listening pleasure. The 72-hour event will be packed full of exciting things to do, see, and buy!The time to get involved in this important event is now. If you would like to be involved please contact JennyH GossipGirl today. We welcome everyone to be a part of this great weekend!###About Impressione:Impressione is a full service virtual worlds marketing agency, offering a complete range of services to develop your brand, both in-world and out. For more information please visit

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Shoelicious Footwear At SKG Shoes

While browsing OnRez a few days ago I stumbled upon a demo of a pair of pumps that, in the advertisement looked particularly well done. I was a bit skeptical as the store, SKG Shoes was new to me, but I purchased the demo to give them a try. Today, SLä, up to its normal tricks left me plenty of time to play dress up; for once I’m glad it did. After being awed by the shoes in the demo I teleported into the shop for a closer look and much to my delight I found a plethora of yummy shoes just waiting to be snatched up and added to my already bulging inventory.

I was especially pleased with the invisible prims on these shoes, perfect for those AO’s that have stances in which you cross your ankles. Prices where well within the range you would expect from shoes of quality (250L and up) and they had several pairs of freebie shoes that are outstanding at any price. Texturing was well done in a patent leather style and shading again was done nicely.

For a shop that has been flying under the radar (at least mine) the selection was wide and varied in styles, heel type and colors. Overall I think I’ve found a new store to lust over in SKG Shoes.

Don’t forget to check upstairs as both floors are utilized.

In World: Yes
Review Copy: No
Price: 250L
Friends List: No

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Penny For Your Thoughts.....

I don’t blog much, I’d love to say it’s because my real life is so overwhelming busy that I just don’t have the time but, alas, that isn’t the case. Several things factor into my meagerness in the blogging department, a lack of material that hasn’t been written about ad nauseam and a terrible sense of ennui about many of the fashions being released. Not that a myriad of the designs aren’t wonderfully done but the indistinguishability of them all has settled me into a dreary fit of doldrums.

While pondering my motivation or lack thereof, I asked myself what, besides au courant designs do I look for during my shopping experience? The answers seemed to come fairly easily.

Lightening! If even with proper settings I cannot see the display pictures well then I am not going to purchase an item(s) no matter how delicious everyone else says that they are.

Large and unedited photos of the item(s) that are up for purchase. If it is glaringly in evidence that the photo of the item for sale has been manipulated beyond credence, it simply gives one the impression that the designer has something to hide.

Ease of maneuverability in a store. I have shopped several boutiques that are nightmares to peruse. While the build might be stupendous, if I can’t move about easily or use camera to view your wares I’m not going to take the trouble and I will leave to spend my lindens elsewhere.

Customer Service is also pivotal! No matter how much I adore a designer if they have a reputation of poor customer service they are to be avoided. One very well know designer in particular, who has wonderful items, I will no longer patronize because of a lack of timely response to a problem.

A well-established landmark and landing point. Seems self-explanatory I know, but how often have arrived at a landing point only to have to search several stores in order to find the one you needed. An often blogged hair designer has just such a problem. My first visit to his establishment took me on a tour of all the neighboring marts till I finally found the intended salon.

Far thinking designers with the ability to offer demos, while not a must, certainly earns the person(s) major kudos with one and all. When a creator has no hesitation about putting his or her products out to be see or tried on for all to see you know you have a person who is confident and proud of their products.

As random as this post seems it was brought about by specific events. The latest, and what spurred me to jot these thoughts down was the wonderful customer service of Sachi Vixen of Adam n’ Eve. I cannot, sadly say, that I was an avid and well-known shopper of the brand, purchasing randomly items that I had seen in blogs that appealed to me but not a fanatical faithful, as are many. But two events in the past months have elevated the shop and its designers to my must shop list. Neither, I’m sure, made an impression on Sachi Vixen or Damen Gorilla but made an immense one with me. When active designers on there own initiative move to solve a problem or fix a mistake inadvertently made by a shopper without prompting then these are the type of retailers you need to reward with your lindens.

On several occasions I have had sterling service at many of Second Life’s unparalleled designers submitted below are just a few of them, in no particular order of importance. Without a doubt I am sure I have unwittingly omitted a shop or designer that has gone above and beyond for me, for that please except my most humble apologies.

Muse Fine Jewelry
Shapes by Zada

Hair: Armidi - The Poynter (Tropez)
Eyes: Shapes by Zada - Eyefidelity Real Eyes (Moss Green)
Skin: TAP/Fluer - Vivant (Blush Candy 1)
Shape: Shirs Doodle by Shir Dryke
Pants: Elephant Outfitters - Leila Bermuda Shorts (Spring Moss 1)
Shirt: ::elDee:: - Pomme Shirt (Pink/Green)
Belt: Persona - Helena waist sas plumh (tinted)
Shoes: Maitreya - Slinky Stilettos (Lime Green)
Jewelry: Muse Fine Jewelry - Eclectic Set (Lime)
Bag: Chapeau tres Mignon - Apple (Green)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Balderdash-Bagatelle and Trinke

Saiyge Lotus, the brilliant creator behind the trinkets offered at Balderdash ( much to my pleasure has fixed her eyes upon jewelry.

My woefully lacking skills in photography simply don’t do this justice. Fine detailed work is delicately fashioned resulting in a beautiful set offered in two metal choices and four-color schemes per metal. An added bonus of an earring with cuff for the right ear makes the price of 350L ridiculously low. The fae and fashionista alike will find, that this set is something to add to your inventory post haste.

When you drop by Balderdash to pick up your jewelry take a bit of time and explore what Saiyge has to offer, whimsical design and strict attention to detail makes this designer a cut above others. For those photography buffs always on the look out for props this store is a must for your landmarks.

Friends List: No
Review Copy: Yes (then I went and bought the rest!)
Price: 350L
World: Yes

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sinsation Has Me All A Tingle

In general I’m not your adventuresome type, I’m more the beige low heels type. I know I know borrring, but hey what can I say I’m a child of the 80’s our taste isn’t that great

Yesterday while tweaking my new male avatar, cause after all “Y chromosome avatars are the new black” (this phrase has been sanitized for your protection as several of my editors, that would be whichever friend that can spell that’s handy, felt that your eyes were to delicate to read any direct reference to male genitalia) I spied a notice for a sale on hair at Sinsation, . Now as I’ve stated I’m the Queen of Boring so I hadn’t examined the selection at said shop but being in the mood to spend even more money than I already have this month I hopped on the LM Express and took a ride on over.

I browsed a bit and bought a few demos and lo and behold I found a few I just had to have. Now these aren’t my normal meat and potatoes, it’s a dash of spice to my palate.

First up we have Fantasia in Green, I purchased the All Colors pack for 300L and I knew right away what I was going to wear it with. I’ll admit the textures aren’t great, ok, that might be an understatement but I loved the whimsy and feel to it. I had to mod a bit as they had a few issues but it was minor modifying as anyone who knows me can tell you that’s all I’m capable of.

Next for your viewing pleasure is Camdyn II in Platinum, again I bought the All Colors pack. This outfit took me a bit longer to put together since I’m about as Goth as Barbra Bush at a Texas BBQ. The curls and bits and bobs in the hair really work together and the hair, while not many peoples cup of tea, deserves a second look.

I really liked the originality of these designs. Yes, the execution could have been a bit better, the textures really do need to be updated but these are styles you wear to get a giggle or have a spot of fun with.

Friends List: NO

In World: Yes

Demo: No