Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Shoelicious Footwear At SKG Shoes

While browsing OnRez a few days ago I stumbled upon a demo of a pair of pumps that, in the advertisement looked particularly well done. I was a bit skeptical as the store, SKG Shoes was new to me, but I purchased the demo to give them a try. Today, SLä, up to its normal tricks left me plenty of time to play dress up; for once I’m glad it did. After being awed by the shoes in the demo I teleported into the shop for a closer look and much to my delight I found a plethora of yummy shoes just waiting to be snatched up and added to my already bulging inventory.

I was especially pleased with the invisible prims on these shoes, perfect for those AO’s that have stances in which you cross your ankles. Prices where well within the range you would expect from shoes of quality (250L and up) and they had several pairs of freebie shoes that are outstanding at any price. Texturing was well done in a patent leather style and shading again was done nicely.

For a shop that has been flying under the radar (at least mine) the selection was wide and varied in styles, heel type and colors. Overall I think I’ve found a new store to lust over in SKG Shoes.

Don’t forget to check upstairs as both floors are utilized.

In World: Yes
Review Copy: No
Price: 250L
Friends List: No