Sunday, September 30, 2007



Doofus Mayo of Dlicious sent out a notice today introducing himself/herself to FashCon today so I tripped along to Zero Mall (166,91,24) to check em’ out since I didn’t have anything better to do and I’m also having a bit of a skin identity crisis at the moment.

First thing your going to notice is the price, 800L for a single and 3500L for a pack of 5. Don’t know why but It always takes me aback when a new vendor jumps into the game with prices as high or higher than the best on the market. Just my peeve, silly I know, as they put just as much blood, sweat and tears into the work but…

I purchased three skin tone demos Pale, Gold and Tan, all in the make-up style of Elegance. The eyes are subtle in the lighter skin tones and if your looking for drastic changes between the skins this pack would not be the style to choose as the lipstick stays the same and the makeup changes are minimal at best until you get to the darker skin tones, then the eyeshadow starts to pop a bit more.

Pale was worn first and I noticed a line between the neck and body right off, it’s faint but since I was looking for signs it was pretty easy to pick out, also the shading on the clavicle bone was a bit over done IMHO as well as the stomach shading. But if you like a very toned look to your stomach, check it out and see how you like the look.

Gold and Tan had the same problems as Pale but the shading problems really stood out the darker in skin tone you go. The highlights really glare against the darker skin tones. Although if I had to pick between the two I’d say Tan was the better of the two. Gold has almost an orange undertone that I didn’t care for.

But on the plus side the make up was more dramatic on the darker skin tones. Also you can see that that Doofus put time into his work, knee shading is done (another peeve why do so many skins have no knees or elbows?) And I like the face, it worked well on my shapes, but unless I'm going to walk around covered from neck to toe this isn't the skin for me.

Overall these aren't skins I'd be happy with, but I can see promise in them, toned down a bit on the shading and smoothed out a bit and I think they would be some very nice skins.

Demo’s are 1L so you can check them out yourself.


Doofus Mayo said...
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Doofus Mayo said...

Hi, Doofus Mayo here. Just found this review and couldnt help myself. I had to reply :)

First thing, price.
I spent a long time checking out the skins market and trying to realistically place my skins on the quality ladder. I dont want to try to undercut people as starting a price war and a race to the bottom is not something I am going to win. Maybe as a new player in the market I could have shaved some off the price, but...
Makeup variations I have to admit were very subtle to begin with, but over the last month I have listened carefully to my customers and have already released a new style, Smokey, that does have a greater variation between the colours, covering pink, red, dark red, black and blue all with smokey eyes.
The shading strength for the clavicle and stomach and other body parts is as you say (almost) a matter of taste. Lots of people have fallen in love with it but as many have felt it too harsh. With this in mind I have created a Flawless range, with much softer shading throughout as well as a smoother finish to the skin overall. Not quite ready for release yet as putting together 280 skins & 280 demos to go with them then photographing them all for vendors takes a stupid amount of time, but they are coming...

As for the face, you did look good in it :D