Sunday, October 7, 2007

Birds Of A Feather...

During one of my many visit to Illusions I chanced upon a charming lady by the name of Violaine Villota of Fancy Fairy. We stuck up a conversation due to the fact she had on the most ethereal wings. These weren’t your normal frou frou wings done to look like angels on high but a combination of both gossamer and functionality combined. The skeletal framework of the wings was borrowed from the insect genre to lend a more credible feel. I was, needless to say, drooling. I inquired as to the maker and was informed she herself had designed and crafted these visions of splendor.

Ok so by this time I was itching to get my hands on a pair, and folks, I’m not a wing gal. I usually feel that they are awkward, cumbersome and in them I look something akin to a fairy with two left wings. Violaine, knowing a fish ready to reel in when she saw one, dropped on my inventory several pairs of wings and outfits for review.

As soon as I put Peacock Fairy Gown Showgirl on I thought I was going to swoon, I was graceful, I was lithe and I had pointed ears to boot! The gown comes with a shape to complement the outfit so you don’t have to adjust your current one to fit the contours of the creation. Some of the keynotes to the gown are the stunning overskirt, while it has teensy gaps at the side seams they aren’t noticeable to the naked eye and do nothing to detract from the overall appearance of the skirt; I felt I must in all fairness mention them. Again the wings are included to enhance the outfit. Blue and green jewel tones offer a rich palette to showcase the design of the dress. Skirt comes in several different lengths as well as styles.

Phoenix is done in similar feathered style using peacock motif but in reds and gold’s. Shape once again is included as well as varying skirt styles and lengths.

For those of you who aren’t normally fantasy types, take a walk on the fae side and give Fancy Fairy at The Faery Crossing or in Brythony a visit.
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