Sunday, October 14, 2007

Decoy Is The Real Thing.

While checking out Persona this week I strolled along the street peeking in the shops to see what my wandering eyes my spy to squirrel away in my every increasing inventory when I happened upon Decoy (Southern Paradise 17, 108, 23) owned by Annette Voight. Since the name didn’t ring a bell I thought I would pop in and see what she had to offer, I’m glad I talked myself into it.

Although still new and upcoming Annette hasn’t made the mistakes of many others and cranked things out only to fill her walls, instead she has taken her time and what graces her store are quality clothing and very affordable prices. Only a handful of designs are currently available but all of the items I purchased were of good quality and showed outstanding promise.

My personal favorite is the Just Peachy Cardigan, priced at a moderate $115L it comes in Forest Green, Red, Kaki, Rose Pink and Sky Blue. This comfy cardigan is brought together in the front under the breast with a button closure that allows the wearer to show off a cami or pretty blouse underneath.

In conversation Ms. Voight informed me that she is trying to have a small release sometime soon, maybe even today. So now is the perfect time to check her out if you haven’t already stopped by and seen one of Second Life’s promising new designers.
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All of her clothing is worthy of a serious second look, *LOL* and in my case a second click to buy..I caught sight of the hoodie she has in works and can't wait to get a closer look.