Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mistress Of Muse...

I hate blogging something that I know is going to be done to death, but for this I’m going to make an exception! Caliah Lyon of Muse sent out notice today of a gift for the members in her group. Being a huge fan of anything Ms. Lyon does I was frothing at the mouth to open my gift and try it on. Firstly, please let me warn you, I’m biased, like an alcoholic needs spirits I crave jewelry made by Caliah Lyon. My addiction started innocently enough, I spied a simple, but delicate ballet shoe necklace that called my name. Then came another equally simple but more intricate necklace and earring set. An outfit screamed for yet another of her sets. And don’t even get me started on her pearls; we have a love hate relationship.

The Dauphine Necklace and Earrings Set (Silver/Jet) are without doubt one of the most intricate and fine pieces of jewelry I’ve seen in the game. The details are superb and flawless; no detail has escaped notice of the maker. Jet is the stone used in the necklace and earring’s and the faucets show a life that I have yet to see any other jeweler’s textures. When most other designers give away their mistakes Ms. Lyon not only excels but soars above the crowd by giving away the best in jewelry to be found in Second Life. In my view, that shows a true love and pride in her work that I wish others would adopt in attitude towards their own crafts inworld.

Friends List: NO
Review Copy: No (Group Gift)
In World: Yes

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