Sunday, September 30, 2007



Doofus Mayo of Dlicious sent out a notice today introducing himself/herself to FashCon today so I tripped along to Zero Mall (166,91,24) to check em’ out since I didn’t have anything better to do and I’m also having a bit of a skin identity crisis at the moment.

First thing your going to notice is the price, 800L for a single and 3500L for a pack of 5. Don’t know why but It always takes me aback when a new vendor jumps into the game with prices as high or higher than the best on the market. Just my peeve, silly I know, as they put just as much blood, sweat and tears into the work but…

I purchased three skin tone demos Pale, Gold and Tan, all in the make-up style of Elegance. The eyes are subtle in the lighter skin tones and if your looking for drastic changes between the skins this pack would not be the style to choose as the lipstick stays the same and the makeup changes are minimal at best until you get to the darker skin tones, then the eyeshadow starts to pop a bit more.

Pale was worn first and I noticed a line between the neck and body right off, it’s faint but since I was looking for signs it was pretty easy to pick out, also the shading on the clavicle bone was a bit over done IMHO as well as the stomach shading. But if you like a very toned look to your stomach, check it out and see how you like the look.

Gold and Tan had the same problems as Pale but the shading problems really stood out the darker in skin tone you go. The highlights really glare against the darker skin tones. Although if I had to pick between the two I’d say Tan was the better of the two. Gold has almost an orange undertone that I didn’t care for.

But on the plus side the make up was more dramatic on the darker skin tones. Also you can see that that Doofus put time into his work, knee shading is done (another peeve why do so many skins have no knees or elbows?) And I like the face, it worked well on my shapes, but unless I'm going to walk around covered from neck to toe this isn't the skin for me.

Overall these aren't skins I'd be happy with, but I can see promise in them, toned down a bit on the shading and smoothed out a bit and I think they would be some very nice skins.

Demo’s are 1L so you can check them out yourself.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Armani....Fare una figura di merda!

Fashion designer Giorgio Armani has opened up shop in Second Life, with a store modeled on his flagship location in Milan, his company said on Wednesday. His Island in Second Life Armani via Manzoni I assume would be the location of said shop but since I *sobsnifflewail* can not at the moment log into the game I can't verify that or give a surl.
I'm devastated at the news leaking out of world that is reporting that the new Armani sim is, as so many other corporate forays have been into Second Life, a dismal failures. The crushing news is that Mr. Armani paid no attention to the wants or needs of his online fashionista's and will leave us hanging. To quote another blog (Shopping Cart Disco) "SHAME ON YOU, ARMANI! SHAME! "

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Day Three Of Rehab...

Well its day three of hell, as I can’t install SL on the laptop I use when I travel so I’m stuck in the Westin in Dallas looking at the walls and talking to the dog, we have very enlightening conversations and if she could just get over the fact we aren’t in a suite this stay she would be a lot more fun to be around. In my Second Life withdrawn state I’m convinced this is my husband’s evil maniacal version of detox. Passed the sweaty twitchy stage last night and I’ve moved into the grouchy, edgy stages today. I think I can spring this rehab by Thursday so look for a flurry of spending by Friday morning as I’ve been like a kid making a Christmas list as I browse the post on Fashion Planet. I don't smoke but if my nerves get much worse I'm thinking of starting. Arrghh you know it's bad when you are eating dinner at one of the finest restaurants in Dallas and you start to notice the other patrons ensembles and thinking you have something similar in your inventory in Second Life, or even worse wondering how that outfit would look on your avie.

First off, Siyu how could you put out such a wonderful hat as Minerva while I was gone and couldn't buy it?!? Can’t blog it now as it’s been done but I can buy it and wear it to death. I don’t know what I’ll be for Samhain but with so many wonderful things being cranked out I know the choice will be difficult.

For all of you on FashCon who have seen me ask a million times for jeans with an open fly I finally found some by reading the post on FP today! Again, can’t wait to get in game and try them on! I have a photo shoot in mind for those that’s been in the making for ages.

Well the Z Princess (that would be the puppy) and I are off to roam the halls in search of fun and games or if all else fails the pool or jacuzzi. And I must say she looks stylin in her new bikini, Pink really is her color.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Dolly Pink Puke

I’m sure it’s happened to all of us, we wander forth lindens clutched in our hot little hands in search of the perfect dress. You know the one, it’s magical, elusive, expensive. It floats over your curves (some more generous than others) and hugs in all the right places. Whipped together by some little known gem of a designer that a million other people haven’t already discovered. Your eye lights on a display, the dress looks wonderful a silk creation to make the Gods themselves drool. At $350L you hesitate but the whispering in your ear is getting louder now and is becoming a thundering chant of “BUY ME! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!” You click and scurry back home to unpack and try on your newest prize.

Sound familiar? I can’t tell you the times I have gone out on a limb and tried a new designer only to find the quality was sub-standard, shoddy at best. Now don’t get me wrong, a little photoshop editing is expected in an ad, but lets be honest when a little becomes a lot it’s a different story.

Last week while sitting in my nice comfy bean bag trying to organize my ever increasing inventory when a Fashioncon notice pops up, as habit I take a quick look and my eyes sparkle and my heart flutters...inside is a picture of a pink (ok, pink normaly makes me want to toss my oreo's but on this dress it looked smoldering!) I had to have it! So I got up, made myself presentable and off I went. Soon I had the dress in my hot little hands and I was ready to put it on and strut my stuff, only one major problem, in the dress I looked like a hooker bag lady. I tried to edit, I moved, I tinted, along with some major name calling...nothing helped. It all boiled down to the dress was a POS no bones about it.
Dress From: Infinity Fashion
Designer: Odessy Infinity
Friends List: No
Review Copy: No
In World: Yes