Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Eye's Have it!

(eyes worn are Gunmetal IdealEye (i) and Gunmetal RealEye (i))

Zada Zenovka, of Shapes by Zada dropped a folder of eyes on me this morning. So first thing I did when I logged in was pop in some eyes. I already own one pair of Zada’s eyes along with several of her shapes so I was interested to see what her new line of eyes would look like.

Eyes are windows to the soul, or so the saying goes, and by far that is one of my major complaints for many of the avatars I see ingame. They spend 1000L on a good skin, 500L-800L on a professional shape and we won’t go into the cost of clothing, hair, shoes and accessories and then they won’t spend the scant 75L-125L on a pair of well made eyes. When you look at them at close range it’s like looking at a dead fish, or a pane of glass, dazed and confused or dead and lifeless.

Happily the new Eyefidelity release by Zada has some outstanding eyes. Just a few of the features worth mentioning are that each color comes with three options (i) indoor (n) neutral (0) outdoor. The pupil in each is dilated to simulate the lightening for each of these situations. Eyefidelity Eye’s come in RealEyes, smaller than standard Second Life eyes to more closely resemble real eyes and IdealEyes, which are standard SL size. I found both convey life and a human quality that I find lacking in several other eyes on the market.

Friends List: No
Review Copy: Yes
In World : Yes

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