Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ghastly Good Hair


Tis’ the witching season so I thought I’d bring to you a few truly bootiful hairstyles. After a bit of a lengthy, or maybe it just seemed like it, break Calico Ingmann of Calico Creations introduced Unseelie, Elsa, Lolth and Fossarius to help everyone get into the holiday spirit. All are guaranteed to turn you into a positively glamour’s ghoul and will turn heads.

Unseelie, is a well crafted pigtail design that will stand you in good stead even after the bats and brooms have been packed away for another year. It works perfectly with hats making it a must have for any well dressed witchy women.

Elsa, a crafty little updo is perfect for any formal occasion, wedding or Goth event. Tendrils sweep the face to soften the lines and frame the eyes giving the wearer a come hither look about her.

Fossarius, for those more Pagan at heart, a mane of flowing hair sweeps down to mid back with frosted tips. A side part shadows the face to lend a bit of innocence to the overall appearance. This one should be a mainstay in any inventory.

Lolth screams drama with it’s long length and high crown it’s a notice me hairstyle and for the diva in all of us.

Overall I can’t crow about these enough, they are guaranteed to bring you a howling good time!

Friends List: No
Review Copy: Yes (Demo's Also)
In Word: Yes

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