Thursday, October 4, 2007

If You Don't Have Anything Nice...

All of us have been told if we don’t have something nice, don’t say anything at all, myself included. My mother tried, in vain, in many cases to drill this into my thick skull as a child growing up in the South, where being polite is as much prized as the last name Lee, Beauregard or Stuart. But is this always an asset in a blog? I had to sit myself down and evaluate my “mission statement” (god I hate that phrase) for Fashion Predator. Did I want to be everyone’s friend and receive tons of free review copies? Hell yes! But did I want to do it at the cost of someone, who maybe had to camp for two days to save up money to buy an item that maybe if I had written an honest review on, could have had more information and allowing them to be a more informed consumer thus maybe saving them money? Then…Hell NO!

Allowing for the fact that I’m picky, I’ve kept my blog open for feedback and comments and look forward to them. Knowing that some designers might not want to send me review copies in fear of bad reviews is ok with me also, the good one’s won’t have anything to fear. I’m picky but not anal, honest but not vindictive. I’ll lay it out for others to make a choice if they would like to spend their lindens on a product or not. And if I’m biased, I’ll try to note that also.

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