Sunday, October 7, 2007

Adimu Specialty Salon

I’m terribly behind on my blogging and don’t need to wander off, as my mind is oft to do, on semi-related topics, but once again I just couldn’t help myself on this one. Hair is all the rage these days with the opening of Armidi and I’m sure everyone has been fascinated with all the in-depth coverage that has taken place unfortunately, in my opinion several outstanding Stylist have gone unnoticed. This was brought home when Adimu sent out a update and I fleetingly thought back to my African American avatar had a heck of a time finding hair I felt she looked good in when I first created her until I hit upon Rubina Stanwell’s, Adimu Specialty. Offering both female and male hairstyles inspired by Black, African, African-American, & Caribbean styles. Unique in looks and textures these are styles that will enhance the looks of your avatar, Adimu in my view one of the best specialty shops of it's types in Second Life.

While I have several of Adimu products and had a hard time picking my favorite to showcase I finally narrowed it down to Maya in Cocoa. Named and style after Maya Angelou, the braids sit gently on the forehead to slope back into a bun encased in woven braids. I love the texture, and the color matches perfectly with the skin tone and brows of my Second Skin Labs 2.0 Evie skin.
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Anonymous said...

Wow. Thanks for showcasing this place. I am on a perennial hunt for hair that doesn't look like the fakest of weaves on my av.

Saint Barracuda said...

Hope you like it, I know I have.

Catero said...

Afro-American, Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Latino culture are so diverse as a result of the African disapora.

"I fleetingly thought of several African American avatars I had seen lately sporting hair that clearly wasn’t designed for a person of color."

You might have to clarify that statement as people of African heritage run the spectrum from very light to very dark skin tones with hair texture ranging from wavy to bone straight.

What is hair that is designed for African American avatars as opposed to hair that is not? I don't think the answer is as definitive as has been stated, Saint.

Just letting you know that some may take exception to that.

Saint Barracuda said...

So noted. And it has been pointed out by another poster. No offense was intended and if any was taken I apologize.