Friday, January 18, 2008

Balderdash-Bagatelle and Trinke

Saiyge Lotus, the brilliant creator behind the trinkets offered at Balderdash ( much to my pleasure has fixed her eyes upon jewelry.

My woefully lacking skills in photography simply don’t do this justice. Fine detailed work is delicately fashioned resulting in a beautiful set offered in two metal choices and four-color schemes per metal. An added bonus of an earring with cuff for the right ear makes the price of 350L ridiculously low. The fae and fashionista alike will find, that this set is something to add to your inventory post haste.

When you drop by Balderdash to pick up your jewelry take a bit of time and explore what Saiyge has to offer, whimsical design and strict attention to detail makes this designer a cut above others. For those photography buffs always on the look out for props this store is a must for your landmarks.

Friends List: No
Review Copy: Yes (then I went and bought the rest!)
Price: 350L
World: Yes

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