Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sinsation Has Me All A Tingle

In general I’m not your adventuresome type, I’m more the beige low heels type. I know I know borrring, but hey what can I say I’m a child of the 80’s our taste isn’t that great

Yesterday while tweaking my new male avatar, cause after all “Y chromosome avatars are the new black” (this phrase has been sanitized for your protection as several of my editors, that would be whichever friend that can spell that’s handy, felt that your eyes were to delicate to read any direct reference to male genitalia) I spied a notice for a sale on hair at Sinsation, . Now as I’ve stated I’m the Queen of Boring so I hadn’t examined the selection at said shop but being in the mood to spend even more money than I already have this month I hopped on the LM Express and took a ride on over.

I browsed a bit and bought a few demos and lo and behold I found a few I just had to have. Now these aren’t my normal meat and potatoes, it’s a dash of spice to my palate.

First up we have Fantasia in Green, I purchased the All Colors pack for 300L and I knew right away what I was going to wear it with. I’ll admit the textures aren’t great, ok, that might be an understatement but I loved the whimsy and feel to it. I had to mod a bit as they had a few issues but it was minor modifying as anyone who knows me can tell you that’s all I’m capable of.

Next for your viewing pleasure is Camdyn II in Platinum, again I bought the All Colors pack. This outfit took me a bit longer to put together since I’m about as Goth as Barbra Bush at a Texas BBQ. The curls and bits and bobs in the hair really work together and the hair, while not many peoples cup of tea, deserves a second look.

I really liked the originality of these designs. Yes, the execution could have been a bit better, the textures really do need to be updated but these are styles you wear to get a giggle or have a spot of fun with.

Friends List: NO

In World: Yes

Demo: No

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sinnocent said...

Just wanted to let you know that I just updated my textures since they were so awful :(.....

Hope these ones are more pleasing..