Sunday, July 20, 2008


Several post back I shamefully admitted I was not a shoe whore, don’t get me wrong I can drool over shoes as much as the next girl, my closet floor is littered with Bruno Magli, Ralph Lauren and Kate Spade toss in a few pair’s of Ferragamo and you have a nice well rounded collection. BUT, while I think several are simply delicious I don’t dream about them at night. Jewelry on the other hand makes me melt (you dirty minded people who thought I was going to say something else, shame on you!) Diamonds, pearls, gold or platinum makes my world go around. My husband often comments that I must have been a raccoon in my previous life to be so utterly fascinated with anything shiny. Of course I ignore such sarcasm, it would be beneath me to rise to his bait, unless, that is, he used a yellow diamond for that hook.

While following a blog hint about a possible new “must see” jewelry store Jador, I was overjoyed to see that the information wasn’t wrong. Indeed the display items whispered in a softly accented voice wheedling their way into my heart and soon my inventory. Awestruck from the sparkling jewels I knew I had to see more, so being the inquisitive sort I followed a TP to the adjoining shoe store owned by the same designer, Anthony77777 Bandit.

I drooled, not a ladylike little trickle but a full blown OMG, I’m going to die happy, shirt drenching slobber! The jewel work on the shoes made my heart flutter, my pulse race and parts of me tingle that are generally reserved for chocolate and Eddie Vedder. Several styles dotted the display shelves from classic to flashy, all embedded with the wonderful stones that make the jewelry so eye-catching. For those of you who know me well will attest, I’m picky and for the most part if an item is flawed I can never open my heart to it. But once in a while I find something so different, unique and wonderful I have to overlook a few minor flaws. So in the spirit of full disclosure I have to mention one drawback to these wonderful shoes. The invisible prim has an issue on the heel, I’m sure with a bit of work Mr. Bandit can solve the problem, and it isn’t so large a distraction that I feel they aren’t still beautiful shoes, but again, I felt it should be noted.
Don't forget to check out all the surrounding shops, the furniture store has several items that will perk up any ho hum apartment or office.

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