Friday, September 21, 2007

Dolly Pink Puke

I’m sure it’s happened to all of us, we wander forth lindens clutched in our hot little hands in search of the perfect dress. You know the one, it’s magical, elusive, expensive. It floats over your curves (some more generous than others) and hugs in all the right places. Whipped together by some little known gem of a designer that a million other people haven’t already discovered. Your eye lights on a display, the dress looks wonderful a silk creation to make the Gods themselves drool. At $350L you hesitate but the whispering in your ear is getting louder now and is becoming a thundering chant of “BUY ME! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!” You click and scurry back home to unpack and try on your newest prize.

Sound familiar? I can’t tell you the times I have gone out on a limb and tried a new designer only to find the quality was sub-standard, shoddy at best. Now don’t get me wrong, a little photoshop editing is expected in an ad, but lets be honest when a little becomes a lot it’s a different story.

Last week while sitting in my nice comfy bean bag trying to organize my ever increasing inventory when a Fashioncon notice pops up, as habit I take a quick look and my eyes sparkle and my heart flutters...inside is a picture of a pink (ok, pink normaly makes me want to toss my oreo's but on this dress it looked smoldering!) I had to have it! So I got up, made myself presentable and off I went. Soon I had the dress in my hot little hands and I was ready to put it on and strut my stuff, only one major problem, in the dress I looked like a hooker bag lady. I tried to edit, I moved, I tinted, along with some major name calling...nothing helped. It all boiled down to the dress was a POS no bones about it.
Dress From: Infinity Fashion
Designer: Odessy Infinity
Friends List: No
Review Copy: No
In World: Yes

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Odessy said...

Thanks, I appreciate that, Possibly may have been able to correct what was off about it, I have had over 100 sales of this dress and no complaints until now. Maybe I could return your money, since iI have a 100 percent love it or money back guarantee?
Odessy Infinity