Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Day Three Of Rehab...

Well its day three of hell, as I can’t install SL on the laptop I use when I travel so I’m stuck in the Westin in Dallas looking at the walls and talking to the dog, we have very enlightening conversations and if she could just get over the fact we aren’t in a suite this stay she would be a lot more fun to be around. In my Second Life withdrawn state I’m convinced this is my husband’s evil maniacal version of detox. Passed the sweaty twitchy stage last night and I’ve moved into the grouchy, edgy stages today. I think I can spring this rehab by Thursday so look for a flurry of spending by Friday morning as I’ve been like a kid making a Christmas list as I browse the post on Fashion Planet. I don't smoke but if my nerves get much worse I'm thinking of starting. Arrghh you know it's bad when you are eating dinner at one of the finest restaurants in Dallas and you start to notice the other patrons ensembles and thinking you have something similar in your inventory in Second Life, or even worse wondering how that outfit would look on your avie.

First off, Siyu how could you put out such a wonderful hat as Minerva while I was gone and couldn't buy it?!? Can’t blog it now as it’s been done but I can buy it and wear it to death. I don’t know what I’ll be for Samhain but with so many wonderful things being cranked out I know the choice will be difficult.

For all of you on FashCon who have seen me ask a million times for jeans with an open fly I finally found some by reading the post on FP today! Again, can’t wait to get in game and try them on! I have a photo shoot in mind for those that’s been in the making for ages.

Well the Z Princess (that would be the puppy) and I are off to roam the halls in search of fun and games or if all else fails the pool or jacuzzi. And I must say she looks stylin in her new bikini, Pink really is her color.

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