Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Armoire: A Jewelry Showcase - Kesseret Steeplechase

The following is the third segment of a five part review covering The Armoire: A Jewelry Showcase. The five participating jewelers are Caliah Lyon of Muse Fine Jewelry, Candy Cerveau owner and designer of **Eye Candy**, Kesseret Steeplechase the face behind KessKreations, Saiyge Lotus genius behind Balderdash and Violet Voltaire of EGL Jewelry & Accessories. The Armoire: A Jewelry Showcase is running until March 22.

Kesseret Steeplechase, the prolific designer behind KessKreations, delivered a treat to all who visited The Armoire: A Jewelry Showcase currently being held in Platinum. A plethora of new pieces were presented and all included menu driven customization. It is simply wonderful to see items that can be individualized to this extreme.

AnnMarie is a complete set containing necklace, ring, and earrings which is menu driven to allow one to transform each piece for individual taste and outfits. Annmarie carries with it an aura of romance with the necklace softly draping the neck to rest lightly on the shoulders. Comprised of glowing pearls adorned with a cluster of color changing rosettes to accent the curve of the jaw line, it is the perfect accessory for any flowing formal. Earrings and ring, also adorned with color changing rosettes unify the set. Menu driven options include metal textures of gold, platinum and zirconium as well as 10 choice in colors for the roses.

Codie, another release presented by Kess, shifts focus from romance to bold with its statement making design of a simple double row chain joined with eye catching bars studded with diamonds and dazzling faceted gems. Again, it is menu driven to allow to freely change appearance to suit mood, taste and style. The set includes necklace and drop earrings to accompany and complement.

Broaches are a sadly forgotten fashion accessory in Second Life and I always delight when I discover one. Hooty Hoo Owl Broach is a whimsical and entertaining selection and gives us a hint of the humor of the designer. Delicately worked to include a monocle, bowtie and gem encrusted vest, Hooty is perched on a single branch, eyeing the world with a touch of innocence in his big eyes as he takes in the fashionista's that cross his path. Able to change from silver to gold along with multiple gem choices, he is the perfect touch to any outfit requiring a broach.

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Kesseret Steeplechase said...

Thank you!!!! Hooty Hoo started off as a joke creation but he turned out so well I kept him.
halfway through Armoire I realized he needs a top hat, LOL.

You show off my jewelery well, you bring the sexy to my stuff. <3