Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Armoire: A Jewelry Showcase - Candy Cerveau

The following is the second segment of a five part review covering The Armoire: A Jewelry Showcase. The five participating jewelers are Caliah Lyon of Muse Fine Jewelry, Candy Cerveau owner and designer of **Eye Candy**, Kesseret Steeplechase the face behind KessKreations, Saiyge Lotus, genius of Balderdash and Violet Voltaire of EGL Jewelry & Accessories. The Armoire: A Jewelry Showcase is running until March 22.

Candy Cerveau, owner and creator behind .::eyecandy::. and co-owner of the Magic of Oz sim delighted the visitors of The Armoire: A Jewelry Showcase with her new design Hellenic. Versatility is something Candy strives for in her designs and something she delivers very well in her latest release. Available in three metal tones, copper, gold and silver as well as three different stone textures. Veined green turquoise is paired with a subtle copper, black mosaic with white accents set in shimmery silver and carnelian enveloped in a soft gold to allow the wonderful qualities of the mineral to shine. Framing the throat, the Hellenic necklace is a bold piece comprised of sculpted links studded with cabochons that accent the hand wrought metal textures perfectly. Released as a necklace and cuff which can be worn as a set or separately, Hellenic is equally comfortable with trendy casual or haute couture. Also pictured, Mokume ring in oval, tinted.

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Kesseret Steeplechase said...

man I Love this set from Candy!!! Just lays PERFECTLY on the shoulders. <3

And you look ROCKIN!