Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Armoire: A Jewelry Showcase - Caliah Lyon

The following is the first segment of a five part review covering The Armoire: A Jewelry Showcase. The five participating jewelers are Caliah Lyon of Muse Fine Jewelry, Candy Cerveau owner and designer of **Eye Candy**, Kesseret Steeplechase the face behind KessKreations, Saiyge Lotus genius behind Balderdash and Violet Voltaire of EGL Jewelry & Accessories. The Armoire: A Jewelry Showcase is running until March 22.

Caliah Lyon, designer and proprietor of Muse Fine Jewelry has released several eagerly anticipated pieces as her contribution for the event currently taking place on Platinum, The Armoire: A Jewelry Showcase.

Caliah's sense of style and balance are well displayed in both newly released sets, Blanche and Melusine. Blanche is a chic and trendy square and circle sculpted open link design. Draping the curve of the throat, the necklace is a perfect accent to the neck, a combination of simplistic elegance seldom found in Second Life jewelry. Textured in a rich burnished gold and delicately highlighted the set contains necklace, bracelet and matching earrings.

Melusine, is a more formal set, exudes Caliah's trademark elegance. Tahitian black pearls mingle with white Akoya pearls in a free form design that makes a dramatic and stunning statement. Embracing the throat in gold and pearls concluding in a cascade of spirals, tipped in pearl that nestles between the cleavage the necklace is the perfect accruement for low bodice evening wear or to complement bare shoulder attire. Texturing is a soft but lush gold and as always the pearl textures are exquisite.

Pieces for both Blanche and Melusine are sold separately and not as sets.

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