Monday, March 23, 2009

The Armoire: A Jewelry Showcase - Saiyge Lotus

The following is the fourth segment of a five part review covering The Armoire: A Jewelry Showcase. The five participating jewelers are Caliah Lyon of Muse Fine Jewelry, Candy Cerveau owner and designer of .::eyecandy::., Kesseret Steeplechase the face behind KessKreations, Saiyge Lotus genius behind Balderdash and Violet Voltaire of EGL Jewelry & Accessories. The Amoire: A Jewelry Showcase, unfortunately, is no longer running but you can visit any of above mentioned jewelers to purchase merchandise. I apologize to the Saiyge Lotus and Violet Voltaire for not being able to post the last segments featuring their work until after the showcase had concluded.

There are many people I admire in Second Life, talented, artistic and giving, one such is Saiyge Lotus, owner and visionary designer behind the Balderdash brand. Attention to detail is paramount to Saiyge and shows in every build, design and texture she produces. Talented beyond belief she is widely known in Second Life for incredibly tiny prim work. Delicate chains, fragile metalwork and impossibly detailed designs are a hallmark of Balderdash jewelry. Patience and Starlight, both release at The Armoire: A Jewelry Showcase are intricately worked pieces that are highlighted with creativity and ingenuity. Think outside the box and pair one of these sets with haute couture, Goren or Steampunk and I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Starlight, Starbright, a scrolled set that includes choker, ring, earrings, barrette and bracelet are worked from fine gossamer silver that resting on attachment points. Intertwined and hanging from slivers of chain are a celestial feast of half moons and stars. While many would think of only wearing such a set with an ethereal gown or something equally as delicate it works well with many styles and is a softening accent to many styles and looks.

Patience is a large set that includes belt, choker, earrings and a bracelet, and available in three stone choices, Malachite, Tiger eye, and Blue Goldstone. Woven leather and hematite beading lend this a very boho feel. The choker wraps the neck with a beaded accent resting in the small of the throat and is perfect for rounded necklines or off the shoulder wear. The versatility of the belt alone makes this set a must buy purchase.